Les Waterfall

Les Waterfall (aka Yeh Mempeh) is pretty far from the main tourist areas in Bali.  It is about halfway in between Amed and Singaraja (<1.5 hrs) along the northeast coast of Bali.  It is a lovely drive along the coast (Singaraja to Les) although you aren’t directly next to the ocean for most of it.  Since this is a less traveled part of Bali there were many impressive temples to stop at that aren’t crowded like southern Bali.

Rating and length – easy – 3 kms – 1-2 hrs

How to get there – Despite being far away from the main tourist areas it was fairly straightforward to drive there.  Keep a lookout for the waterfall signs on the main road.  Turn south and drive through the small village of Les.  Go past a large temple and the road bends to the right.  After turning left the road becomes gravel but a car can easily manage this for the last kilometer (or less).  There are occasional signs along the way to help you.

The hike – The hike is also straightforward.  You start up the small road near the ticket booth and drink shop.  This is initially shared with motorcycles.  After 10 minutes you cross the stream (signed) and follow a concrete path.  Along the way there is a beautiful looking homestay (sorry but I have no info), one more drink stand and a small shrine.  At the end of the hike you will need to cross the stream for the best views and swimming (shallow).  I found out later that you can hire a guide (at the ticket office) for a longer hike to 5 waterfalls located upstream.

Guides – not needed but available – useful for taking the longer hike to additional waterfalls

Les has by far the best tourism practices for guides.  They have a published list of prices and at no time do they hassle you.

GPS – parking S8.147625 E115.364867 – waterfall S8.154224 E115.360287

Date visited – 6/21/2015

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