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This photo doesn’t even begin to do Lemukih justice.

Lemukih Waterfall is an underappreciated waterfall that just happens to be <1km away from one of the best waterfalls in Indonesia (Sekumpul Waterfall).  There are a couple of small waterfalls as you approach Lemukih Waterfall but you aren’t prepared for the end of the gorge.  There are a total of 3 large waterfalls that surround you and a great swimming area.

Not surprisingly there is also naming confusion for Lemukih Waterfall.  It is also called Seven Point Waterfall because of the many (7) different small waterfalls that make it up but that isn’t the confusing part.  My research showed a different Lemukih Waterfall in a different part of Lemukih Village but I didn’t have time to check it out.  This confusion comes from a political boundary oddity.  Most waterfalls in Bali are named after the village they are in.  Lemukih Village is north of Sekumpul Village but the boundary wraps around and includes a small part of a gorge (Lemukih Waterfall) that is inaccessible without going through Sekumpul Village.  It seems strange that they didn’t draw the political boundaries along the escarpment where both Sekumpul and Lemukih Waterfalls fall from but I didn’t ask these questions when I was there.

Rating and length – moderate – 4 kms and 2-3 hours

How to get there – Go east from Singaraja on the coastal road for about 6 kms and turn right at Sekumpul Waterfall signs. The road is in decent but not great shape and there is a Sekumpul Waterfall banner at the entrance to Sekumpul Village. Shortly after the turn there is a ticket booth and parking is less than 100 meters ahead.

The hike – From the entrance you will navigate through a small village with several shops and after about 10-15 minutes you will arrive at the main viewpoint.  You might need to verify that you are going the correct way but it isn’t very difficult.  Those not wanting to hike down to the river (and then back up) can stop at the spectacular viewpoint.  Sekumpul Waterfall is right in front of you while Lemukih Waterfall is in the distance to the right.  The hike isn’t very long but it drops 100 meters of elevation in <1km. You will pass a couple of other viewpoints before reaching a newly built (2013) bridge at the river.

At the river Lemukih Waterfall is to the right after crossing the bridge.  After the 2nd ticket station at the river (to Lemukih district) it is a short walk to the end of the small gorge. You will have to cross the river twice.  It is easiest but not necessary to wear a hiking sandal instead of shoes.  Flip flops are not recommended for the stairs (slippery if wet).  At the end of the small gorge there are 3 waterfalls (the middle is visible from the viewpoint) that surround you in a surreal way.

You will need to retrace your steps back to ticket station and follow the trail to the right to go to Sekumpul Waterfall instead of re-crossing the bridge. It will take about 5 minutes to get to the base of the waterfall. On sunny days there is a chance of a large rainbow in the mist and the swimming is excellent.

After Sekumpul Waterfall retrace your steps to the bridge and you can take the path to the left for a different route up to Sekumpul Village. There are 3 drink stands on the way up to rest at. The path merges into the main path.

Entrance cost – 15,000 IDR – 2nd fee to Lemukih Waterfall

Guides – available (negotiable) – there is a slight exaggeration about the length and difficulty of the hike. It was nice to have a guide but not really necessary.

GPS – Sekumpul Waterfall S8.177704 E115.182651 – Lemukih Waterfalls S8.180165 E115.181393

Date visited – 6/16/2015

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  1. the waterfalls are all in Desa Lemukih. The river at the base of the left set of falls is th border between Lemukih and Desa Sekumpul. As soon as you cross the bridge in the valley, you are in Desa Lemukih. They have 5 rivers, and there are more than 15 waterfalls in their district

    1. I wanted to explore Lemukih more but there was very little information about it and that day I had a driver that was convinced there wasn’t anything else interesting in the area. Next time I will visit with a motorcycle and check out some other interesting areas.

      Is it correct to call the waterfall group Lemukih Waterfall? This is what the guide said and I couldn’t find any other information that said differently.

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