Jembong Waterfall

Jembong Waterfall is not like any other waterfall in Bali.  Most of the waterfalls are tall single (or multi) drop waterfalls while there are a few shorter waterfall walls.  Instead Jembong Waterfall powerfully cascades down many rocks in a thunderous roar.  This has led to divided opinions about Jembong.  I saw several websites that mentioned this as a top 5 waterfall.  I was less impressed.  It is nice to experience the raw power of all of that water though.

Rating and length – easy – <1/2km – 20 minutes round trip

How to get there – Jembong Waterfall is about 5 kms south of Singaraja and can be combined in a daytrip with Aling Aling. The easiest way to get there is to take the main highway from Denpasar to Singaraja. Turn west about 2 kms south of Git Git Waterfall at Ambangan village. The road turns sharply back and runs parallel to the main road and is marked with waterfall banners (non specific). Follow this road through the village to a red shack (bus stop?).  You can turn right and go to Aling Aling Waterfall or go straight and go to Jembong Waterfall first.  Follow the road 5-10 minutes and turn left at a Jembong Waterfall sign.  There is a small parking lot opposite some bathrooms (possibly locked?).

The hike – It is a really short hike up some stairs through a beautifully landscaped area.  The waterfall is channeled next to the stairs likely for flood prevention.  I cannot describe how power this water rushing down the hill is.  It is amazing.  The waterfall is at the top of the stairs with a small shrine on the left.  There are also bathrooms available at the waterfall.

Entrance cost – donation suggested if people are there

Guides – not needed and not available

GPS – S8.188706 E115.116511

Date visited – 6/18/2015

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