GitGit Twin Waterfall

GitGit Twin Waterfall (aka Campuhan) consists of 3 waterfalls that are located within 1 kilometer of each other.  Some naming confusion exists with GitGit Waterfall.  There are at least 3 GitGit Waterfalls in Bali.  The more famous GitGit Waterfall is located 2-3 kms downstream but ironically most of the pictures that I had seen before coming to Bali were of the smaller GitGit Twin Waterfall instead of the more impressive one downstream.  There is also a third Git-Git Waterfall marked on the map near Pupuan but I did not have time to find that one.

In total there are at least 4 waterfall hikes on the same stream that can be done within a 5 kilometer stretch of highway.  GitGit Waterfall and Colek Pamor Waterfall are the northernmost two with separate trailheads (near each other) in the small village of GitGit.  A few kilometers further up the hill (south) is Bertingkat (Terraced) Waterfall and you have the option of hiking through the hilly farms or driving a little further to GitGit Twin Waterfall (pictured) and Mekalongan Waterfall (same trail).  I did not visit Colek Pamor (pictures look awesome) and the last three waterfalls are contained within one guide entry since they are close together and can be done in one hike.

Rating and length

easy – 2km – 1 hour (GitGit and Mekalongan waterfalls)

easy – <2km – 1 hour (Bertingkat Waterfall)

moderately easy – 4km – 2hours (round trip to all 3 waterfalls)

How to get there

GitGit Twin Waterfall trailhead is located on the main highway that goes from Denpasar to Singaraja (past Lake Beratan).  It is about 3 kilometers south (uphill) of GitGit Waterfall but if you are coming from Denpasar you will arrive here first.  It is well signed in a particularly twisty part of the road.  Parking is available for 10-20 cars on a large shoulder at the trailhead.  Donations requested for parking by a collector.

Bertingkat Waterfall trailhead is located about one kilometer north (or less) of GitGit Twin Waterfall trailhead.  There is a signboard on the side of the road and a nice parking area a couple hundred meters down the road.  If you enter from the Bertingkat side you won’t have to walk past many vendors and will be able to avoid much of the commercialization part of GitGit Twin Waterfall.  It will require a little route finding (described below) through some hilly farms to visit all 3 waterfalls.

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The hike

From GitGit Twin Waterfall entrance: The trail is a mixture of stairs and a concrete path to walk down to the waterfalls. There are a lot of vendors selling drinks and souvenirs to walk past and some can be quite aggressive. Bathrooms are available (2000 IDR) but in many cases these are just the family’s personal toilet. After about 15 minutes you arrive a bridge. GitGit Twin Waterfall is a 50 meter walk up the gorge and the bridge is on top of Mekalongan Waterfall.  It will take an extra 5 minutes to walk down a viewpoint of Mekalongan Waterfall.

It is also possible to walk to Bertingkat Waterfall from Mekalongan Waterfall. Go up some dirt stairs to a concrete path to a yellow house (I think it’s yellow). Warning – possible barking black dog. Turn right and follow the concrete path downstream. The trail leads away from the river through some beautiful farms. There are many intersections. At every intersection stay to the right (towards the river) until the last intersection where it cuts back sharply. The last intersection is marked with a wooden arrow pointing towards GitGit Twin Waterfall. Continue going straight at this wooden arrow and the trail leads down to a bridge just below Bertingkat Waterfall.

From the Bertingkat Waterfall Entrance: Walk down the road to the concrete path and follow the signs.  It will only take about 15 minutes to reach a small bridge over the creek.  From here Bertingkat (Terraced) Waterfall is visible upstream and in the distance you can see the bridge between GitGit Twin and Mekalongan Waterfalls.  If you take a right at the bridge away from Bertingkat Waterfall you can hike to GitGit Twin Waterfall and Mekalongan Waterfall.  The route twists through a beautiful and hilly set of farms on a small concrete path.  It is actually rather easy to get find the way.  At the first intersection follow the wooden arrow to the right and then take all left turns (turn towards the river) until you reach a yellow (I think yellow) house with an angry black dog.  Turn left there and you should be able to see Mekalongan Waterfall at that point.

Swimming is not good and barely possible at either GitGit Twin Waterfall or Mekalongan Waterfall.  Bertingkat has a nice swimming pool at the base of the waterfall.

Entrance cost

– 20,000 IDR at GitGit Twin Waterfall entrance plus donation for parking

– donation entry at Bertingkat entrance

Guides – available at both – not needed at all unless you plan on taking the longer route to all 3 waterfalls.  It isn’t that hard to find the way through the farms but some might prefer the reassurance of a guide.  I didn’t hire the guide at Bertingkat but I had a nice chat with him.  Part of the reason I didn’t hire him was that it would have required a negotiation that is never fun.  I (and many foreigners) would strongly prefer a posted list of reasonable prices.

GPS – Bertingkat trailhead S8.199383 E115.138590 – GitGit Twin (Campuhan) trailhead S8.202045 E115.140485 – GitGit Twin Waterfall S8.204573 E115.138425

Date visited – 6/18 and 6/20

The guide to all of Bali’s best waterfalls

On my first visit I got slightly lost wandering through the farms.  It should be relatively easy to find with my directions.


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