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Chances are that if you say the word waterfall in Bali somebody will immediately reply with GitGit.  This is by far the most famous waterfall in Bali and it is physically impressive.  It is also easily accessible and can be walked by almost anyone.  Because this is a very popular waterfall there are many vendors with shops on the way to the way to the waterfall.

Some naming confusion exists with GitGit Waterfall.  There are at least 3 GitGit Waterfalls in Bali.  This is the most famous but 2-3 kilometers upstream there is a 2nd one named GitGit Twin Waterfall (Campuhon).  Ironically most of the pictures that I had seen before coming to Bali were of the smaller GitGit Twin Waterfall instead of the more impressive one pictured above.  There is also a third Git-Git Waterfall marked on the map near Pupuan but I did not have time to find that one.

In total there will be at least 4 waterfall hikes on the same stream that can be done within a 5 kilometer stretch of highway.  GitGit Waterfall (pictured) and Colek Pamor Waterfall are the northernmost two with separate trailheads in the small village of GitGit.  A few kilometers further up the hill (south) is Bertingkat (Terraced) Waterfall and you have the option of hiking through the farms or driving a little further to GitGit Twin Waterfall and Mekalongan Waterfall (same trail).  I did not visit Colek Pamor and the last three waterfalls are contained within one guide entry since they are close together and can be done in one hike.

Rating and length – easy – <2km – 1 hr (round trip)

How to get there – GitGit Waterfall is located on the main highway that goes from Denpasar to Singaraja (past Lake Beratan).  It is about 10 kilometers south of Singaraja.  There is a large waterfall parking sign in the small village of GitGit.  Park there and then cross the road to the path.

The hike – Instead of a nature trail this is a concrete path back to the waterfall going past many shops.  The path is in good shape and can be walked by almost anyone although caution should be taken on wet parts.

Guides – not needed for the main waterfall

Adventure Spirit offers a variety of activities in the area.  One of their posters shows abseiling and canyoning down huge waterfalls.  They can be contacted at  This is not an endorsement by myself since I have not done a trip.  They are not cheap but they have outstanding reviews on

Entrance cost – 5,000IDR plus 5,000IDR (?) parking

GPS – S8.193066 E115.134892

Date visited – 6/22/2015

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