Blehmantung Waterfall

Blehmantung Waterfall is an isolated waterfall deep in the mountains near Pupuan.  Not only are you likely to be alone at the waterfall but the drive is also off of the beaten path.  It will take most of a day to go there are and back from southern Bali but it is a great drive through rural Bali.  You could combine this waterfall with the Jatiluwih rice terraces near Tabanan.

Rating and length – easy – 1.5km (1 hour) round trip

How to get there – Blehmantung Waterfall is located a short distance off of the Serirat-Pupuan highway that crosses Bali (north to south) west of the 3 lakes (Beratan, Buyan and Tamblingan).  Turn right in Pujungan near the 66 km marker (from Denpasar).  Pujungan is a small village with basic necessities such as drinks and a simple restaurant or two.  The faded waterfall sign has fallen down and is barely readable anymore but the turn is next to a Yamaha motorcycle repair shop.  Turn east and follow the small two track road for 1.4 kms until you reach the end.  At the end of the road there is an abandoned house with some vulgur graffiti inside.  The trail starts a short distance up the road from where you came from.

The hike – Ignore the trail that follows the river since it looks like it just leads to a farmhouse.  You can follow the second trail along a small irrigation canal to a small waterfall and a small dam.  There is an overgrown path between the small waterfall and the main path but the best way to go back to Blemantung Waterfall is by walking back up the road 100 meters to a steep concrete ramp. This takes you to a nice path through a coffee farm that leads to the waterfall.  The trail is mostly flat and easy to follow back to the waterfall.  Near the waterfall there is a closed off area (a shrine) and everyone should respect this place.  The trail turns to the left to go around it and passes a small pavilion before coming to the waterfall.  You can go swimming but I am not sure if it is deep enough to be a good swimming hole.

Entrance cost – free

Guides – not available and not needed

GPS data – S8.319399 E115.044535

Date visited – 6/19/2015

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