Banyumala Waterfall

Banyumala Waterfall is one of the lesser known waterfalls in Bali.  It is located north of Lake Buyan in northcentral Bali.  Unlike many trails this is a completely natural trail and rarely hiked trail.  Just past the waterfall is a water curtain of various trickles of water down a wall of lush rocks.

Rating and length – moderately easy (physically) – moderately difficult to walk – 1 km – 30-40 minutes round trip

How to get there – Banyumala is located in Wanagiri district near the northeastern end of Lake Buyan.  It is on the crater rim road between Munduk and the main highway from Singaraja to Denpasar.  This is not an easy waterfall to find.  There is a faded sign leading down a small rural road away from Lake Buyan.  This is the easy part.  After this there are a series of painted orange arrows with a several left and right turns ultimately ending up on a single track motorcycle trail.  It is recommended that you try to hire a guide (info below).  It might be possible to get there using the GPS coordinates but I would have never found the waterfall without a guide.

The hike – The hike is only 200-300 meters but it isn’t a particularly easy trail to walk.  There is also one ladder to climb down.  Just after the waterfall is a rock wall with hundreds of small dripping streams.  I think this pool is deep enough for some awesome secluded swimming.

Entrance cost – free

Guides – available and highly recommended – they do not have a waiting area.  I was flagged down by a local farmer (Kardek Sukrana – 085 639 133 70 (the 085 might be a 065 – can’t read my notes)) that has a long list of English vocabulary translations that he is working on.  He lives in a small house (no sign) about 2kms from the main road and 1.4 kms from the waterfall.  Cars can continue a little further but you will have to walk farther (an extra 10 minutes) than a motorcycle group.  Guide price – negotiable but reasonable

GPS – S8.217228 E115.101906

Date visited – 6/20/2105

Resources – WWTA trekking – Another possible guide to this waterfall in the area

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