Pura Tirta Empul

Pura Tirta Empul is a very popular purification temple for the local Balinese for over 1000 years.  People come from all over the island to cleanse themselves and they even take some of the water home for holy ceremonies.

How to get there – It is about a 20 minute drive northeast of Ubud.  Pura Gunung Kawi is very close and can be easily combined in a daytrip.

What to see

The obvious main attraction is the purification pool.  There will be offerings left everywhere that are quite incredible by themselves.  Each of the fountains have a different purpose and the Balinese don’t cleanse visit each one during their trip.  Tourist are welcome to participate but you should respect the importance of the ceremony.  Women wear sarongs and T-shirts while men can wear just shorts.

There are several other areas to visit at this complex.  There is a large koi pond prior to the purification pool and behind the purification pool is the source pool.  The source pool is stunningly beautiful with an amazing blue green color to the water.  On top of the hill is a residence for foreign dignitaries that served as the former Indonesian president Sukarno’s Bali residence.  After leaving the temple you will walk through a maze of vendors back to the car.

Entrance cost – 15,000 IDR/person – 5,000 IDR/car

Special requirements – visitors may borrow a sash and must wear a sarong if they are wearing shorts

GPS – S8.414725 E115.316039

Date visited – 6/14/2015