Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Tanah Lot is probably the most famous and most visited temple in Bali.  It is located northwest of Seminyak and a large part of its popularity is due to being located almost in the ocean.  It is perched atop a small rocky outcropping and during high tide it actually turns into an island.

How to get there – Take Jalan Bypass Tanah Lot northwest from Kuta.

What to see – First you will have to walk past a lot of shops selling snacks, meals and souvenirs until you come to the ocean.  Pura Tanah Lot is right in front of you.  At low tide you can walk out to the temple but the temple is closed to tourists.  To the right you can walk for 10-15 minutes past several smaller but very impressive temples perched over the ocean.  Beware that this temple will be uncomfortably packed at times but it is still worth visiting.

Entrance cost – 30,000 IDR/person and 2,000/motorcycle or 5,000/car

GPS – S8.617280 E115.088661

Date visited – 6/13/2015

One of the smaller temples immediately to the west of Tanah Lot.