Brahmavihara Arama

Bali might be a predominantly Hindu island but there are also many other religions represented on the island.  Brahmavihara Arama is the largest Buddhist temple on the island and some have called it a mini Borobudur (click for a good Borobudur blog).

How to get there – Brahmavihara Arama is located near Banjar and is an easy daytrip (only need an hour) from Lovina.  Banjar is located about 10 kms away from Lovina and the temple is about 3 kms from the main road.

What to see – At the entrance there is a large fountain with several halls.  The sidewalk to the back of the temple leads to a very impressive stupa.  Along the way there are numerous enchanting gardens and the whole complex is filled with pine trees.

Entrance cost – donations accepted

Special requirements – a sarong and sash if you aren’t wearing long pants

GPS – S8.210458 E114.974150

Resources – The Buddhist World