Indonesia is a huge country but I plan on taking many trips there and hope to add several regions to the guide.  My first Indonesian trip was to Bali in June 2015.  In just 10 days I was able to visit all of the major waterfalls (14 total) and also hiked Gunung Batur.  In February 2016 I didn’t visit as many waterfalls in North Sumatra but I did visit 4 absolutely incredible ones (6 total).  I took a spur of the moment to East Java and Madakaripura Waterfall is the most amazing waterfall that I have ever visited.

After that I plan on taking at least one trip to Indonesia every year.  Lombok is at the absolute top of my list to visit and I am hoping to go in May this year. Flores doesn’t have many waterfalls but I love the photos of Kelimutu Lakes and the daytrip to see the Komodo Dragons. Harau Valley in West Sumatra looks awesome. Sulawesi is big and there isn’t a lot of information on the internet about it. Sumba and Sumbawa are a pair of really mysterious islands that interest me. In addition there are so many places left to explore in Java.  I am not sure where I will go in Indonesia after Lombok but I will keep coming back.

Bali (June 2015)

East Java (September 2016)

Lombok (May 2017????????)

Sumatra (February 2016)


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