Yuefei Waterfall

Yuefei Waterfall is a very tall waterfall located about 1km down the road (near km marker 170) from Tianxiang in Taroko Gorge. Seeing Yuefei Waterfall though will take some luck since it likely only flows for a week or two after a rainstorm. Yuefei Waterfall (my name – correction appreciated if it is known) is located at Yuefei Pavilion. There is a bridge across the gorge that can be hiked up to Cilaishan. A permit is required to hike past the bridge.

Rating and length – no hike

Accessibility – located on main road

How to get there – It is located in between Lushui Campground and Tianxiang. There is a small parking area (3-4 cars) on the downhill side of the road. Be very careful since this is a twisty portion of the road.

The hike – no hike

Seasonality – It only flows for 1 or 2 weeks after rainstorms.

GPS – N24.176723 E121.514515

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