Tiefen Waterfall

Tiefen Waterfall (鐵汾瀑布) is an unexpectedly wonderful waterfall in a small mostly unused recreation area.  They have started improving the recreation area with camping platforms (cost unknown) and nice bathrooms.

Rating and length – no hike

Accessibility – small but good road – will need to walk in water to reach the waterfall

How to get there –  Take the 193 north from Yuli and turn right (east) down an alley in the first small town (km marker 405-406).  There is an obscure sign in Chinese for the waterfall.  Follow the road and turn left at a T intersection.  Take the 2nd left downhill and turn right at the bathrooms.  It is 1.5 kms from the main road.

Mass transit options – I have not done this but bus 1135 departs every from Yuli. Get off at Tiefen Bus Stop (鐵汾) and you can walk 1+ km to the waterfall on a nice countryside road. You will want to check the times for the last bus and make sure you are not late.

The hike – There is no hike here.  Follow the creek upstream 100m and climb up the 1 meter high retaining wall.

Seasonality – possibly dry from Jan-Apr and other longer periods with no rain

Other info – platform camping with bathrooms available

GPS info – N23.351194, E121.352306

Dates visited – 2/12/2013 and 8/28/2016

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