Sixty Stone Mountain Day Lilies

The east coast’s day lilies are one of Taiwan’s most popular seasonal attractions. Day lilies only bloom for one day (hence the name) and only bloom in August and September. They are not cultivated as a tourist attraction though. They are a very popular ingredient in soups and Chinese medicine.

There are three popular places to see the day lilies. Sixty Stone Mountain (Liushidanshan – 六十石山) is the most famous and the directions are described here. Jinzhen near Taimali and Chihkeshan south of Hualien). I have not been to either of these places yet so you will need to google the directions or buy Richard Saunders Taiwan 101 Essential Sights, Hikes and Experiences.

Rating and length – no hike but you can walk on a variety of paths through the day lily fields

Accessibility – small but good road

How to get there – Turn off of Hwy 9 in southern Hualien County near km marker 309. There is a brown sign marked Lioushihdan to the east. Follow this twisty road up the mountain until you are in the day lily fields. Public Transit is not an option here unless you hire a taxi in Yuli or Fuli.

The hike – There is no hike here.

Seasonality – the day lilies only bloom in August and September

Other info – various tea houses and snack shops

GPS info – N23.221994 E121.316801

Dates visited – 8/27/2016

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