Shanfong waterfall

It doesn’t get much better than Shanfong waterfall. It is a picture perfect waterfall located on one of Taiwan’s nicest hiking trails. The Walami trail is the eastern entrance to Yushan National Park and if the trail wasn’t closed (no known plans to reopen the high mountain trail) you could hike all the way to Yushan (tallest mountain in Taiwan – 3952m).  In addition to Shanfong Waterfall you can hike all the way to Walami Cabin (13 kms each way).

Rating and difficulty – Easy – 3.5 kms – 2 hours (less is needed) (round trip)

Accessibility – good road and well maintained trail

How to get there – Shanfong waterfall is located west of Yuli. Take highway 30 to the Nanan Visitor Center to get the latest trail updates.  After that continue another 6kms to the trailhead at the end of the road. You will pass Nanan waterfall on the way.

The hike – The Walami Trail is 13 kms total to the cabin. It was originally a logging trail and it has been well maintained. You can hike 2 km to the waterfall, 5 kms to Jiasin campsite or 14 kms to the Walami cabin. The hike is all uphill (but not steep) along a big river valley.

Permit info – Permit is not required for dayhiking to the waterfall or to Jiasin Campground.  A dayhiking permit is required for those going beyond Jiasin Campground.  You can apply for this dayhiking permit the day of your hike at the visitor center.  An overnight camping permit is required for Jiasin Campground and Walami Cabin.  The camping permit must be applied for in advance online or through the main Yushan National Park Visitor Center.  You will also need to apply for a mountain permit at the police station near the Nanan Visitor Center.  No camping is allowed at the trailhead or visitor center.

Greg McCann – China Post

GPS data – trailhead N23.329143 E121.235753 – waterfall N23.329633 E121.225626

Dates visited – 8/5/2011 and 1/2/2016

The continues past Shanfong Waterfall to Jiasin Campground and Walami Cabin.

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  1. Hmm I did this one today – about 1 hour return trip if you’re on a mission (down tot he base of the falls view.. erg those stairs!). You can’t miss the stairs now – very well posted – there’s an image of a bear leaning over to get a fish – “warning: please do not go past the railings” or whatnot. Hah. Didn’t look too dangerous, although I didn’t actually do it! Just looked from the distance like you did! Looks like quite a few people hike up to Jiasin to have lunch or something (I saw a family with a bag with food and stuff in it.. in very casual flip flops!). I also met a group of Taiwanese retired folks that were returning from their night at Walami Cabin – about 5-6 hours I think they said – they enjoyed it 🙂 The guy I spoke to was a retired Geography teacher from Yilan – super cool! 🙂

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