Saguer Waterfall 撒固兒瀑布

Saguer Waterfall 撒固兒瀑布 is a small but pleasant waterfall overlooking the city of Hualien. It is located next to the Zuocang Trail that goes 4 km up the bluff (but not to the top) and offers great views of the ocean.

How to get there – Saguer Waterfall and the Zuocang Trail are 5 km from Hualien Train Station. Take Zhongshan Road west towards the mountains until it ends and then turn right followed by a quick left turn. The parking lot is at the end of the road. Buses do not go to the trailhead but it should be cheap to take a taxi there.

The hike – The Zuocang Trail is the most visible trailhead straight up the mountain but the Saguer trailhead is on the right side of the parking lot. It starts over a bridge and there is a junction immediately. The trail is a loop and both will eventually go to the waterfall although going right is the direct route to the waterfall and is probably easier. If you decide to complete the loop, there will be a viewpoint of Hualien after going up for awhile.

Google map link – N24.018749 E121.576775

Date visited – 1/2/2017

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