Luoshan Waterfall

Luoshan Waterfall

Luoshan (Rooshan on a road sign) Waterfall is one of the more impressive waterfalls that I’ve seen in Taiwan (05/2012). It is located in a deep green valley near Fuli.  The two tiered waterfall drops 120 meters and it looks impressive even from the parking lot.  There is a viewing platform that offers an alright view of the waterfall but if the closed trail offers an amazing view.

The hike – There is a nice boardwalk hiking trail that loops back to the parking lot and a short trail to the viewing platform.   The best views are from the closed trail leading to the base of the waterfall.  If you hike to the base then you will need to be very careful since the trail is not maintained.  It was very slippery and there was significant rockfall across the trail.

How to get there – Luoshan waterfall is located near highway 9 a few kilometers north of Fuli (halfway between Hualien and Taidong). Turn east at Luoshan campground. You will see a Rooshan waterfall sign after the campground and follow the largest road a few more kilometers to the end. There is a large parking lot and possibly food available.

Other info – Free camping at Luoshan campground. Excellent facilities with hot showers, bathrooms, recycling, wash stations and at least 50 tent platforms. It’s setup to be a great camping/event location. The Lonely Planet recommends calling ahead to ensure that it’s open but I’ve been there twice midweek (April and July) and there were 4-8 other groups in the campground.

GPS info – Parking lot: N23.18318 E121.29149 Waterfall: N23.18158 E121.29497

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  1. There’s a large-ish visitor centre here now. Well sign posted. Reasonable-ish map in Chinese. Just yep as you said follow the main road to the end (do not get distracted by other mini roads that you see other cars going down.. or mini-car parks.. HAHA.. like me!) Yeah I walked it today, I was thinking.. hmm… wonder if they’ve fixed up the “closed trail” that you mentioned.. I actually didn’t notice a trail at the start, but I saw a sign saying “watch out for falling rocks” in an area off the main board walk.. and was wondering why that was there. Then I saw some ancient path foundations from who knows when (you visited quite a while back.. and it still seems the same). So I hopped over the the lowest barrier and off I went. Yep – although it was dry, definitely need to be careful on that ‘trail’ – which is mainly lots and lots of small rocks (on the way back I fell down heavily.. not a good experience. HAHA). but yes the walk to the falls was worth it! I couldn’t remember what your photo looked like so I wasn’t sure if you’d gone to the base or not.. so I actually went to the base… adventuring as per usual. I saw 3 kids near where there’s river access before the path goes a bit more hardcore.. and they were like “it’s dangerous… ” I was like “no problems! I’ll be careful! haha”

    But yeah.. next time… (if I do go again that is) I’ll definitely bring water shoes and swimmers or something… cos it looks like a nice pool just to relax in 🙂

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