Longying Waterfall at Fuyuan

Longying Waterfall

Fuyuan Butterfly Valley is one of the great places to visit on the east coast.  It offers great hiking, amazing butterflies and a stunning waterfall.

The hike – 3 hours – moderate – You can hike directly back to the waterfall (2 hours roundtrip) but most will want to also do the mountain trail.  This will add an hour to the hike but you will see more butterflies, fewer people and get a great view of the rift valley.  The trail leaves from the east side of the main hall at the entrance.  It gently slopes up for over 2 kms until it reaches the waterfall source where it goes down a steep trail with well made stairs.  The second bridge offers a stunning view of the waterfall that I have no seen elsewhere in Taiwan.  It’s very unusual to be almost directly on top of the waterfall.  After that it is a 1 hour walk along the river back to the main hall although there are several other trail branches to take.

How to get there – Turn off of Hwy 9 at km 263 (Butterfly Valley Resort sign in English) or at km 260.  In a small town turn west on Guangdong Rd between a large red temple and the police station.  The baseball field should be on the left side (north).  Follow this for 2.5kms until the road ends at the recreation area.

Other info – 100/80/50NT entrance fee + 60NT for parking – English maps available – Restaurant and Resort available.

GPS info – parking: N23.588444, E121.354028 – waterfall: N23.588889, E121.339028

Resources – http://www.bvr.com.tw/

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  1. I did this in about 1 hr return.. but I was in super fast mission mode! I walked along the ‘creek’ (river.. I reckon! giant rapids happening down there) and after passing the falls (where you took your photo) I went up to the second mini suspension bridge which is ‘the water source’ – then back down. Yeah was a nice area. A couple that I passed – I saw them later actually in the water – under the waterfall 🙂 haha… so.. an idea for future visits? 🙂 Looks rather nice 🙂

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