Fenghuang Waterfall

Fenghuang Waterfall isn’t a large waterfall nor is there great hiking trail or swimming hole but it is a pleasant spot to stop at if you have a little extra time.  The waterfall is located on a small back road in Fenglin Village south of Hualien in the Rift Valley.

Rating and difficulty – no hike

Accessibility – it is located on a small but paved backroad.  All cars can handle the road.  The 30 meters of trail is very slippery.

How to get there – Turn off of Hwy 9 at km marker 240.  Follow the road to Fonghuang Village.  Just before the end of the road turn right and drive next to the terraces to the river.  Go across the bridge and follow the road for another 3-4 minutes until you reach the waterfall.  The road becomes fairly steep just before the waterfall and pavilion.

GPS – N23.758359 E121.423127

Here is a rare photo of me at a waterfall

Date visited – 12/31/2015