Dasing Waterfall

Daxing was the site of a tragic debris flow during Typhoon Moraji in 2001 killing 27 with 16 missing (presumed dead).  I first visited Daxing in 2012 and completely missed Daxing Waterfall.  It sounds like I am not alone though.  Many see the streams at the end of the road and assume the waterfall is up there but actually the waterfall is in a sidestream and almost completely hidden from the small road.  Pretty much every means of getting to the waterfall has been destroyed so this one is a bit of an adventure.

Rating and length – almost no hike

Accessibility – very difficult – located on a small road and requires rock scrambling/climbing to get to the waterfall

Do not attempt to go all the way to the waterfall by yourself. 

It requires climbing on very slippery rocks.

How to get there – Daxing is located on Hwy 9 north of Yuli.  Turn off of Hwy 9 at the Daxing Memorial Park sign.  Drive thru Daxing and turn right at Daxing Waterfall Memorial Park.  The waterfall is not located at the end of the road as expected but rather down a tiny road.  When you turn down the tiny road you will barely be able to see the waterfall through the trees across the river.  You can park near the intersection or drive down the small road to small turnaround spot.

The hike – Cross the river and follow the makeshift path to the old bridge.  Just past the bridge is a small concrete pond with the village water supply.  The trail ends here and the rocks are really, really slippery.  We went up on the left side of the creek towards the waterfall.  There is a tiny rope to assist you up the first set of rocks but after that there are no ropes.  It is possible but tricky to reach the lowest tier (5m high) of the waterfall but we were not able to climb up to the main part of the waterfall and didn’t even try.

GPS data: N23.643218 E121.380005

Other info:  Dasing Memorial Park is worth stopping at when you leave.  The brilliant orange arch really stands out against the lush green backdrop surrounding Dasing.

Dates visited – 2/27/2012 and 1/2/2015

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