Baiyang Waterfall

Baiyang Waterfall Trail is one of Taroko Gorge’s most popular destinations.  It starts with one of the rarest trailheads that I have ever hiked.  The trailhead is a several hundred meter long tunnel that is accessed from a partially enclosed roadside tunnel.  Overall there are 8 tunnels to walk through including the Water Curtain Cave at the end of the hike.  If possible it is best to visit Taroko Gorge on weekdays but if that isn’t possible then expect traffic to move slowly due to the many single lane sections of road.

Rating and length – easy – 4?-7? kms (GPS couldn’t handle the tunnels) – 2 hours (round trip)

Accessibility – the trailhead is on the main Taroko Gorge road and the trail is wide and flat

Baiyang Waterfall Trail is closed (4/14)

Latest trail conditions can be found at the National Park Website

How to get there – Tianxiang is 19 kms up the gorge from the visitor center (near km marker 168) and there is only one road option to get there unless you take a really long drive from Hehuanshan or Lishan.  Continue 1km past Tianxiang after driving up the gorge.  There is a parking lot just after the trailhead.  If it is a busy weekend you might need to park in Tianxiang and roadwalk to the trailhead.

The hike – The trailhead is located inside a partially enclosed road tunnel.  You leave the roadside tunnel and enter another long (100+ meters) and unlit tunnel.  The walk is easy but it is recommended that you bring a headlamp.  After exiting the tunnel the trail follows an old road from a canceled hydroelectric project (more information on this blog).  There are several more shorter tunnels and a spot to rest at about the halfway point.  There is a suspension bridge (reopening spring 2016) to a pavilion but you won’t be able to go closer than that.  Water Curtain Cave is located 10 minutes past Baiyang Waterfall viewpoint.

Other information – Camping is allowed (free) at the Baiyang trailhead parking lot from 3pm to 10am.

Recommended gear – headlamp (tunnels), umbrellas or rainjackets (Water Curtain Cave), hardhat (can be borrowed from the visitor center)

Cost – free – no permit required

Other blogs – Stu’s Hiking in Taiwan Baiyang Waterfall Blog

GPS – parking N24.187466 E121.490378 – waterfall N24.178789 E121.475469

Date visited – 1/1/2016

The track is all messed up (poor satellite reception going into and out of tunnels).  The trail is always on the north side of the valley.

The length is definitely shorter than shown here since the GPS didn’t always know where it was with short distances between some of the tunnels.

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