The east coast of Taiwan is widely regarded as the best place to visit due to a much lower population density and stunning scenery.  Qingshui Cliffs and Taroko Gorge are two of Taiwan’s most famous places but they are only the beginning of its great places.  The Golden Grotto (summer 2016 visit planned), the Walami Trail and Fuyuan Butterfly Valley are 3 other great waterfall hikes.

Baiyang Waterfall

Changchun Shrine

Dasing Waterfall

Fenghuang Waterfall

Golden Grotto Waterfall

Longying Waterfall at Fuyuan

Luoshan Waterfall

Nanan Waterfall – 南安瀑布

Saguer Waterfall

Shakadang Trail

Shanfong Waterfall – Walami Trail

Sixty Stone Mountain – Day Lilies

Tiefen Waterfall

Yuefei Waterfall

Zimu Waterfall


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