Taiyao Waterfall

If nearby Maliguang Waterfall is hidden then Taiyao Waterfall is completely unknown.  It’s located upstream from Maliguang Waterfall but only the top is viewable.  As a bonus there are several different kinds of wildflowers growing along the trail.

The hike – It’s a 45 minute hike along an irrigation ditch.  The trail is flat but there are several treacherous spots along the trail.  It would not be advised to take kids on the trail or to attempt the hike in the rain.

How to get there – Follow the directions to Maliguang Waterfall (hwy 120 to hwy 60 to 60-1 to shilei rd).  Continue going uphill from Maliguang Waterfall.  After a couple of kilometers there is a small village.  Continue up the largest road (turning sharply right) to a water tank.  the trail is right next to the water tank.

GPS coordinates – parking/trailhead: N24.64499 E121.34396  waterfall: N24.63376 E121.34071

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