Qingwashi Waterfall 青蛙石瀑布

Qingwashi (Frog Rock) Waterfall 青蛙石瀑布 is a very cool canyon of carved, rounded rock near Jianshi in Hsinchu County. It is also one of the prime combinations of ‘this place is dangerous mixed with I really want to see and play in the water’. Most of the rocks are rounded and include 1-3 meter drops into pools. Most of the time the danger is minimal but it could be quite dangerous if the rocks are wet or if it has recently rained heavily. There are no swimming signs posted to reflect this danger.

How to get there – Follow highway 120 along the historical Neiwan railroad line. Go through Neiwan and go 2 more kilometers to Jianshi. In Jianshi turn right onto county road 60. Qingwashi Waterfall is on county road 60 but DON’T MISS the following turn. After 3.5 km county road 60 turns left and crosses the river while county road 61 continues straight. A few minutes later you will see a small parking area with a huge frog.

The hike – There is a wooden walkway that runs next to the road at one end of the parking lot. It goes through a nice pavilion before continuing down to the river. There is a gated off area (looks like private property) and the trail ends at the river. No access or trail has been built in the river area. No swimming signs have been posted so exercise caution if you proceed further.

Note – They have started work on what looks like a new viewing platform above the waterfall. It is a little challenging to get around there construction and access the wooden trail to the river.

Mass transit – Bus 5625 runs a couple times daily but this might not be a good option for traveling to the waterfall.

Google Maps Link – N24.686808 E121.228777

Date visited – 1/17/2017 and 5/28/2017

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