Qingquan Waterfall 清泉瀑布

Qingquan Waterfall 清泉瀑布 is nice waterfall in a touristy aboriginal village in remote Hsinchu. The village is busy on weekends but you can eat some of my favorite aboriginal BBQ or walk across the many high bridges across the river. The waterfall trail disappointingly goes to the top of the waterfall though. The best views are from across the river although you could cross the river if it hasn’t rained recently.

How to get there – Take Hsinchu County Road 122 to Qingquan. Qingquan is pretty small so you can park just about anywhere although the best place is a t a parking lot down by the river.

The hike – Cross the river on the footbridge and walk past the school to the trailhead. The short trail goes past the top of the waterfall and ends at a church. There is path next to the river to another footbridge leading back to the main part of the aboriginal village.

Google Maps Link – N24.576361 E121.105843

Dates visited – 5/27/2017

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