Meihua Waterfall

Meihua Waterfall is one of northern Taiwan's nicest river trace and waterfall combinations.

The river trace to Meihua Waterfall is short but fun. It can be done by beginner river tracers but it would be best to go in a group with other experienced river tracers and to bring safety equipment. There is some climbing over rocks and many places that you could slip and fall so it is better to be safe than injured.

NOTE – many sites show a second shorter entrance to Meihua Waterfall but this goes through a farmer’s field and he has put up barbed wire and signs to prevent people from walking in his field. Please respect his property and wishes.

How to get there – Follow highway 120 along the historical Neiwan railroad line. Go through Neiwan and go 2 more kilometers to Jianshi. In Jianshi turn right onto county road 60. Follow county road 60 for a few km until it turns left and goes to Frog Rock. Instead of following road 60 continue straight on county road 62. Turn left in Meihua Village near a police station and school. Go down the hill through a switchback and park near the bridge.

Mass transit – Bus 5625 stops in Meihua village every 3-4 hours but this might be a risky option and leave you stranded.

The hike – It is a relatively simple hike. Just go up the creek. About halfway there is a path that goes around a one of the 3-4 meter waterfalls. The final challenge is climbing up through a waterfall where it would be helpful to have a rope if you have any weaker hikers in your group. I was able to find a route up a little gully 30 meters downstream that goes around this but it isn’t a trail and wasn’t fun.

At the waterfall there are some great areas for swimming and cliff jumps (all the way up to 17 meters). There is a path and ropes on the right side of the waterfall to the top but I don’t recommend jumping from up there unless you are experienced. Definitely be sure to check the pool for any new rocks or trees before jumping.

Date visited – 4/4/2017

Google Maps Link – N24.673881 E121.208198

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