Meihouman Waterfall

Meihouman (aka Huayuan) Waterfall 梅后蔓瀑布 isn’t very well known but there is an old but very nice trail to the waterfall. After an easy hike to the waterfall, I loved sitting on the swing looking at the falls. Some new signs have been made and everything is quite easy to find. The road however is steep and slippery and shouldn’t be driven in a car. I wouldn’t be surprised if a scooter occasionally falls on the treacherous road.

How to get there – Meihouman Waterfall is located near Huayuan Village on Hsinchu County road 62. You can get to it via small road from either Huayuan Village (a longer route) or from road 62 above the waterfall. You definitely don’t want to drive a car down this small road. It looks like it is a common trip from the nearby campground.

Mass transit – Buses don’t appear to go to Huayuan Village

The hike – It won’t take long to hike from road 62 to the trailhead. The trailhead is a smaller road marked by a signboard and 瀑布 signs leading uphill through a farm. At the top of the hill a natural trail breaks off to the right into the woods. It will take about 15 minutes to reach the waterfall. The hike requires climbing down a short (1+ meter) ladder and crossing a collapsing but fairly safe bridge (<1 above ground).

Google Map Link – N24.651464 E121.155161

Date visited – 1/17/2017

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