Maliguang Waterfall

Maliguang Waterfall is one of the best waterfalls hidden in Hsinchu County. It can be reached by car and the hike isn’t long but it takes you down a beautiful natural trail. The sign claims that the waterfall is 80 meters tall but I think it is about half that.

How to get there – The roads are in fair condition but it would be best to use a GPS since the roads aren’t marked the best.  Take hwy 120 out of Hsinchu to Neiwen/Jianshi.  Turn off of hwy 120 onto mountain road 60.  Follow Hsinchu county road 60 up the river and go up many switchbacks until you go past a police station at the top of a ridge. A few kilometers after this turn onto 60-1 and drive towards Yufeng. Turn right and cross the Yufeng Bridge (a new red bridge) to Shilei.  Follow this road (some parts recently damaged) until you see a statue of two aboriginals.  Cars are fine to turn right and go up the road after the aboriginal statues but they should not go down the final road to the trailhead. There is room to park at a bend in the road about 50 meters past the small road.

Mass transit – I can’t find any buses anywhere near this route.

The hike – The trail starts at an owl pointing to a well-built natural trail but most should walk down the final bit of road to this trailhead. There is a nice viewing platform and they have tried to block off the pool for swimming but if someone wanted to they could get around it.

Google Map Link – N24.645001 E121.337101

Dates visited – 3/22/2014 – 1/15/2017

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  1. Hah. This was ridiculous today! It wasn’t even raining but I got soaked just standing on the viewing platform. My camera wasn’t very happy with that either 😛

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