Laoying Stream Waterfall

Laoying Stream Waterfall is a series of amazing swimming pools with a pair of small waterfalls. There used to be a trail and they have started building a new trail but for now it is a river trace. We stopped at the waterfall shown in the photo but there is another larger (maybe 8-10 meter waterfall upstream).

How to get there –  Take hwy 120 out of Hsinchu to Neiwen/Jianshi.  Turn off of hwy 120 onto mountain road 60.  Follow Hsinchu county road 60 up the river and go up many switchbacks until you go past a police station at the top of a ridge. A few kilometers after this turn onto 60-1 and drive towards Yufeng. The trailhead at a large stone with a small driveway. Don’t block the driveway when parking.

The hike – Hike up the trail on the left side of the stream and then cross the stream on a nice bridge. The trail continues on the right side of the stream and passes an old bridge before coming to some swimming holes. Continuing around a bend in the stream there are a couple of raised platforms but the rest of the trail hasn’t been finished yet. You will have to walk in the stream for the final 5-10 minutes past the best swimming hole to the smaller waterfall (pictured). There is a bigger waterfall upstream somewhere if you can climb up the small waterfall.

Helmets and grippy footwear are recommended due to many very slippery rocks.

Note – It is unknown when (if ever) they will finish the trail here.

Mass transit – No buses travel here.

Google Maps Link – N24.660263 E121.299767

Date visited – 5/30/2017

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