Bilin Waterfall

Bilin Waterfall 比麟瀑布is a small waterfall that is a short walk from the road. It shouldn’t be your main destination for the day but it is a nice spot to hang out for awhile next to a nice river.

How to get there – Follow highway 120 along the historical Neiwan railroad line. Go through Neiwan and go 2 more kilometers to Jianshi. In Jianshi turn right onto county road 60. Bilin Waterfall is only a couple of kilometers down the road. Shortly after a produce stand there is a gravel parking lot and a small sign in Chinese for Bilin Waterfall 比麟瀑布. You can park here for a small fee or drive 50 meters past and park in a different parking lot.

The hike – Follow the dirt road/path down to the river. Bilin Waterfall will be a couple of minutes upstream. Bilin Waterfall requires a river crossing and that could be dangerous after heavy rains.

Mass transit – Bus 5625 runs a couple times daily but this might not be a good option for traveling to the waterfall.

Google Maps Link – N24.692949 E121.219902

Date visited – 5/28/2017

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