Baxian Waterfall 八仙瀑布

Baxian Waterfall 八仙瀑布 instantly became one of my favorite waterfalls. I visited in January 2017 but no trails were obvious and nearly everything is a steep cliff and very dangerous. Luckily my waterfall chasing friends Asher (followxiaofei) and John (Visionairy LTD) found the trail earlier this month.

This waterfall is REALLY FAR from Hsinchu City but it is on the way to Guanwu National Recreation Area. The hike isn’t very long but it slightly dangerous and requires some route finding skills. You can also view the waterfall from the road across the valley (GPS – N24.536077 E121.093640).

Baxian translates roughly to the 8 immortals. The waterfall used to look like the Chinese character for 8 (八) but a typhoon or earthquake changed the water flow and it now falls in 4 streams during the wet season and only one during the dry season.

The hike to the waterfall can be dangerous and should only be attempted by experienced hikers and not solo. There are many areas with steep cliffs.

How to get there – The viewpoint for Baxian Waterfall is near the 7 km marker on Hsinchu county road 122 and is marked by a yellow sign with Baxian Waterfall (八仙瀑布) written in Chinese. The trailhead is on the other side of the valley. Go past the bridge and there will be 2 pairs of yellow reflective corner signs. Don’t park at the corner but about 100 meters down the road there is a spot to park two cars.

The hike – The hike might be short but it makes up for that by being quite difficult. The trail immediately forks and you need to take the less obvious left fork that goes west along a ridge to the waterfall. There are red ribbons on both trails. Usually the spacing of the ribbons is okay but in a couple of cases it will be difficult to find the next ribbon. There is a short rope to help you down a rock and the trail takes a left turn (no ribbon) near the waterfall and leaves the ridge. This takes you to the top of the waterfall and you can find bits of a trail about 10 meters from the creek to take you to the bottom. There is a giant rock which offers the best views and near that is a rope if you want to go to the bottom.

Google Maps Link – N24.533943 E121.097748

Dates visited – 1/16/2017 – 5/29/2017

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