Hsinchu reaches deep into some of the most inaccessible places in Taiwan and there are some great hidden gems here.  It will take some extra effort (and usually a car or scooter) but there are many great (and less visited) waterfalls in Hsinchu.

Baxian Waterfall

Bilin Waterfall

Fengxiang Waterfall

Guanwu Waterfall – technically Miaoli County

Guyan Waterfall

Jianxibao Waterfall ( 鎮西堡)

Kuaishan Giant Tree Trail in Guanwu – Miaoli County

Laoying Stream Waterfall

Maliguang Waterfall

Meihouman (aka Huayuan) Waterfall

Meihua Waterfall

Qingquan Waterfall

Qingwashi Waterfall

Taiyao Waterfall

Yuanyang Valley Waterfalls (鴛鴦谷)

Xinghongsha Campground

Zhenshan Mountain Trail in Guanwu – Miaoli County

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