Yuantan Waterfalls (圓潭瀑布)

Yuantan Waterfall

Yuantan Waterfalls

Yuantan Ecological Park has 3 nice waterfalls and a short hiking trail.  The park was recently built and features wide paths for easy hiking.  Maps are available at the visitor center along with excellent exhibits.

The hike:  It will take about 1 hour to hike to all 3 waterfalls and the botanical garden.  Yuantan Waterfall is located next to the visitor center.  Take the small loop trail to the right and you can visit Heart Lake Waterfall immediately upstream.  Follow the loop trail back to the main trail and you will see Xiangshan Waterfall on the main branch of the river.  Heart Lake Waterfall is my favorite but all three are equally good.

How to get there:  Take the 3 freeway to the Zhuqi Interchange and turn east on highway 166.  It will take less than another hour to get to Yuantan Ecological Park (1/2 km past Yuntan Waterfall).   Highway 166 is a twisty road that winds up the mountain.  It makes for an excellent scenic drive even if you don’t visit the waterfalls.

GPS info: parking – N23.52946 E120.65965

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