Tianyun Waterfall

Tianyun (signed as Heavenly Cloud) Waterfall is a relatively less known waterfall in a place that receives few visitors.  It is in one of the most remote parts of Chaiyi County but those that make the trip will be rewarded. Not only is the area immediately surrounding Fengshan Village quite amazing but the drive getting there is fantastic.

Rating and length – no hike

Accessibility – The road is in excellent shape to Fengshan Village.  The last 2-3 kms to the viewpoint is steep and could be slippery in a car when it is raining.

How to get there – take Hwy 149甲 through Caoling past Penglai Waterfall. Just before the river turn left off of Hwy 149甲and drive 3 more km to Fengshan. Jiaolong Waterfall will be visible (if it has rained recently) across the valley.  Drive through the village and continue straight instead of turning right across a small bridge to Jiaolong Waterfall.  Go a couple of kilometers until there is a Heavenly Cloud signpost.  Turn left on this road and go up until you reach a small parking lot with bathrooms and a viewpoint.

The hike – No hike although there is a short path that goes into the woods.  There is a very nice viewpoint (cherry blossoms) with tables that is perfect for a picnic.

Seasonality – Perhaps it runs throughout the year but it probably looks best in the summer, fall and after a hard rain.

GPS data – N23.588845 E120.756827

Date visited – 3/12/2016

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