Tianma Waterfall

Tianma Waterfall is one of the least known waterfalls that I have been to in Taiwan. Asher (followxiaofei.com) and I explored much of the Caoshan River a few years ago but didn’t have time to check out this very promising part. Asher took a trip back here a month ago (4/2017) and revealed this awesome waterfall and I was lucky enough to have a weekend free recently.

This hike is normally a little dangerous but it would be very dangerous in rain. It is unknown how dangerous it would be during the summer rainy season with the river at heavier flow. This hike is best attempted by experienced river tracers and I recommend using safety equipment.

How to get there – Take Hwy 3 north from Dapu until you see a small convenience store just south of the km 320 marker. Follow the secondary road down to the river and park at the bridge. Scooters can go a little further down the road next to the river.

WARNING – This hike has tight canyons and would be EXTREMELY dangerous with moderate to heavy rain or during the rainy season with higher river levels. 

The hike – From the bridge walk down the road next to the river for 100-200 meters and then enter the riverbed. If you continue down the road far enough you will reach Caoshan Waterfalls (not accessible via the river).

You will follow the river all the way to Tianma Waterfall but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. About halfway to the waterfall you will enter Hulu (Gourd) Canyon which first requires swimming (bring a drybag) and then arrives at a nearly impassable blockade of boulders and slime covered rocks. To the left you can find a hole just large enough for one person to squeeze through.

Hulu Waterslide is shortly after Hole in the Rock and due to the abrasiveness of the rock isn’t quite as much fun as it could be. Inner tubes would be perfect though. Shortly before Tianma Waterfall there is another swimming required part but easier than the first. Tianma waterfall is a 15 meter cliff that would require climbing equipment and knowledge to go up. Further upriver is Shuanglong Waterfall which can be seen from Hwy 3.

Date visited – 4/30/2017

Google Maps Link – N23.365427 E120.617165

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