Shipangu Waterfalls

Shipangu Waterfall was another of the mysterious trail/waterfall destroyed reports that got passed around. Usually the trail has been destroyed and it is more difficult to reach the waterfall. In this case however the main waterfall was destroyed and the trail is still an amazing hike and there are still several other smaller waterfalls upstream. Another big draw to this area are the Japanese maple trees which turn colors in December or January. There isn’t a forest of trees that turn colors but there are some maples along the trail and it was really cool to see some red maples (photo below).


How to get there – Take Hwy 149甲 to Caoling in Yunlin County. Go through Yunlin County and turn off towards Fengshan. Cross the impressive bridge and enter the village. There are a couple of roads that eventually lead back to the parking. The best road is the 3rd left with multiple landmarks indicated on the left. Follow this road through the village and the signs to Stone Disk Valley. Eventually you will end up at the parking lot.

The hike – The hike starts at the other side of the bathrooms and goes up a hill through a bamboo forest to a very impressive suspension bridge. The most impressive waterfall used to be right after the suspension bridge but a landslide has mostly buried it and the water cascades unimpressively down the rocks. The trail becomes paved again (motorbikes could reach this point by using a different route) and leads up to some large pavilions. After the pavilions was the largest waterfall that we saw (pictured below). The trail leads a little away from the creek and into the forest until it reaches the loop at the end. There is a small pavilion with a view of the cascading waterfall (pictured above). It doesn’t take long to go around the loop and there are some nice trees that you walk past.

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Google Maps Link – N23.598240 E120.746045

Dates visited – 10/1/2016 – 1/7/2017