Qingren Waterfall

Qingren (Lovers) Waterfall is a small 3 tier waterfall near Zhukou in Chiayi County. Zhukou is a lush village near the base of Hwy 18 that continues up the mountain to Alishan and Tatajia (Yushan trailhead). The 3 tier waterfall isn’t particularly large nor is there much of a hike but it can be a nice stop during a day trip in the area.

Rating and length – no hike

Accessibility – the first two tiers are on a narrow concrete road but the 3rd tier (the largest) is on an old slippery trail

How to get there – Take Hwy 18 east to Zhukou. Turn right on a small road after the police station (after kilometer marker 34). Go over the bridge and stay on the main road for just over 1 km. Don’t turn right at an intersection for road 132 and instead follow the road down to a large farmhouse with angry dogs. Take the road (doesn’t look great) to the left past the house and park near the next small intersection (maybe 100m). You could try parking at the farmhouse (possibly allowed?) but then you have to deal with the dogs.

The hike – Follow the road down (the left branch) to the 1st waterfall (pictured above). This is a short walk on concrete with two benches at the end. Go back to the intersection and follow the right branch to the 2nd tier of the waterfall. At the intersection there is an old road that doesn’t go anywhere now. Walk 10m up the road and there is a path to the 3rd tier of the waterfall (the tallest). This trail is slippery but it is in alright condition.

Seasonality – probably runs dry after long periods with no rain.

GPS info – N23.430787 E120.598690

Date visited – 7/30/2016

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