Jiaolong Waterfall

Jiaolong Waterfall is considered by most to be the tallest in Taiwan but it is an elusive one to see. Not only is it located in a remote part of Chaiyi but it is also only a trickle except for a few days after a hard rain. It has not been measured but most sources list it as dropping a total of 600 meters with a single plunge of 400 meters. Normally I would not consider this a waterfall because it dries up too quickly after it rains but it is widely thought of as Taiwan’s tallest waterfall with viewing platforms and even a B&B. It is a long daytrip from Kaohsiung but I hope to return again this summer after a big rainstorm. It had rained 50+ mm combined the two previous days but I would love to see it after 200+ mm.

The World Waterfall Database currently does not list Jiaolong Waterfall among its World’s Tallest Waterfalls. It would likely rank as 50th tallest (need an exact measurement) in the world but it fails the seasonality criteria since it doesn’t flow for one continuous month. They do have a historic precedent waiver that I believe could be used in this case. It is signed all over and is widely considered within Taiwan as the tallest waterfall. I understand both arguments and don’t really care about the official designation but I am listing it on my site.

An interesting tidbit – this was the 100th waterfall that I visited in Taiwan (3/12/2016)

rating and length – no hike

accessibility – good roads but long drive

How to get there – take Hwy 149甲 through Caoling past Penglai Waterfall. Just before the river turn left off of Hwy 149甲and drive 3 more km to Fengshan. Jiaolong Waterfall will be visible across the valley. There is a viewing platform that can be reached by driving through Fengshan and turning right (signed in Chinese). Turn left into a parking area <1km down the road. The best view of the waterfall though is on the bridge crossing the creek just before the viewing area.

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GPS data – viewing area N23.567620 E120.748919

Other blogs – a hike up the creek to the base (attempted) of the waterfall

Date visited – 3/12/2016