Guanyin Waterfall

Guanyin is the name of a popular goddess in Taiwan and I have visited 3 waterfalls in Taiwan named Guanyin with shrines or temples nearby. This particular Guanyin Waterfall is one of only two waterfalls that I know of in Taiwan with a substantial shrine or temple that can be part of the waterfall photo.

Rating and length – easy – 2km (<1 hr) round trip – a steep walk down a road though

Accessibility – good road and the hike is on a steep but paved road

How to get there – turn off of Chiayi 166 at a sharp bend in the road near km marker 59. In a couple of minutes there will be a junction with many garbage cans for recycling and a steep road leading down to the waterfall. Unless you are VERY, VERY brave on a scooter you should park here and walk down the hill. All cars should park here.

The hike – follow the steep paved road all the way down to the temple. This is the best viewpoint of the waterfall but you can take the stairs down to the river.

Seasonality – possibly dry Feb-Apr

GPS data – parking N23.509478 E120.619006 – waterfall N23.507162 E120.620795

Date visited – 4/24/2016

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