Fenghuang Waterfall

Fenghuang Waterfall is the perfect swimming hole near Chiayi City.  Some of the local expats call it 1000 step waterfall and they are not exaggerating.  I counted 1500 steps but some are small so it isn’t that bad if you take plenty of short breaks.  Note – It is still 1500 steps up.

The trail isn’t particularly beautiful but as an interesting sidenote it passes through betelnut trees (ick), some cedars and then some bamboo near the bottom.

Rating and length – ummm…  (sort of…) easy…  – 1.5 kms (1 hour) round trip

Estimated height – 25 meters

Accessibility – Road 159 is narrow in places but cars will have no problem and the stairs are in alright shape for walking

How to get there – Take road 159 east from Chaiyi City.  The trailhead is near the 23.5 km marker with a big stone sign (in Chinese).  There is room for two cars in the parking area but there is additional parking about 100 meters down the road.

The hike – Start at the trailhead and go down all of the stairs.  All 1500 stairs.  Alternatively you can go down the small road by the bathrooms and skip about 200 stairs with a steep ramp.

Seasonality – possibly year round

GPS data – trailhead N23.472464 E120.618677 – waterfall N23.468344 E120.620029

Date visited – 3/6/2016 – 7/24/2016 – 7/16/2017

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