Feiyun Waterfall

Feiyun (Flying Cloud) Waterfall is a little known waterfall in a rarely traveled part of Taiwan.  It is only 5 kilometers from the popular Tsengwen Dam Recreation Area but it is 5 hard kilometers down a small rough road.  Twice we asked for help from the locals but neither time they had any idea that the waterfall existed.  There used to be a road or a hiking trail that went near the waterfall but all but the first 100 meters is washed out.  Now you will need to do a 45 minute river trace to the huge waterfall.

Rating and length – easy river trace – 1.5 hours – 2.5 kms (round trip)

Accessibility – the road is in poor condition but passable (slowly) in cars – the entire hike is in the rocky creek

Estimated height – 80-100 meters

How to get there – Take Hwy 3 to Tainan county 174 and enter the Tsengwen Recreation Area.  At the dam turn north onto Tainan county 145-1.  This is a small road best traveled on motorcycle and currently (2016) the entrance at the dam looks like a construction site.  In less than 1 km you will reach a junction where you need to turn right and follow the sign to Shuidiliao.  Follow this road for 5 kms total and you will reach a farmhouse (cars park here).  Go straight (don’t turn right) and stop at the 2nd small bridge (less than 0.5km).  Feiyun is 1+ km up this creek but you can take the small road for the first 100 meters. Mass transit – buses or taxis are not an option for this one.

The hike – 10 meters past the bridge is an old trail that you can take for the first 100 meters.  The trail ends and it can be tricky dropping down (1+ meter) to the creek.  After that it is a fairly standard river trace up the creek.  There are no side streams and the creek ends at a giant bowl at the waterfall.  During the summer there are numerous places to swim at but it is possible that this waterfall goes dry as early as November.

This is a river trace and almost the entire hike is done in the river.  It is best to wear felt bottomed river tracing shoes and go with a group.

Entrance cost – you need to go through the Tsengwen Recreation Area (50/person and 20/40 motorcycle/car) – includes free camping at Dongkou Campground

Estimated seasonality – It could go dry (or reduced flow) as soon as 1 month after a heavy rain. Almost always dry from December to April

GPS data – parking N23.280255 E120.540612 – waterfall N23.284600 E120.536168

Date visited – 9/5/2015 and 10/30/2016

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