Caoshan (草山) Stream Waterfalls

One of many Caoshan Stream Waterfalls

Taiwan’s largest reservoir, Tsengwen, is filled by Caoshan Stream among other sources.  This stream has more than a dozen waterfalls in the area and someone could spend several weekends exploring them.  Near the source of the stream there is a cluster of 6-8 waterfalls although many of them appear to be inaccessible without climbing equipment.  This particular waterfall had two more smaller ones above it and a larger one below it.

The hike – The hike is short but it might require a long (2km) road walk.  From the bridge follow the largest road passing a red roofed house until ends and then it will take another 15 minutes on an overgrown trail.  The road walk part of the hike is steep so carry plenty of water.  On the overgrown trail there is an easy to see left turn when you can hear the waterfall.  It comes out on top of one waterfall and 50 meters up the creek is the pictured waterfall with an amazing pool for swimming.  It’s possible to go up or down the creek with climbing equipment but you should be very careful.

How to get there – Take Hwy 3 north of Tsengwen Reservoir.  Turn right around km marker 320 or 321 at a large general store.  Follow this road down to the bridge.  Cars will need to park here but motorcycles and scooters might be able to turn to the left and follow the road for close to two more kms.  There are a few tough spots in the road and it might have a chain across it.  There are few places to park but make sure you are out of the way so local farmers in blue trucks can get through.

GPS – turn off of Hwy 3 N23.36560 E120.61107 waterfall N23.37720 E120.61877

Date visited – 10/11/2014

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