Chiayi is one of the most underrated regions in Taiwan.  Everyone knows about Alishan but Chiayi is full of incredible but rarely visited areas.  In addition to all of the waterfalls there are also some great hiking trails and a small part of Yunlin County near Caoling seems like it is Chiayi County even though it isn’t.

Caoshan Stream Waterfalls

Chinglong Waterfall

Chingyun Waterfall

Feiyun Waterfall

Fenghuang Waterfall

Guanyin Waterfall

Jiaolong Waterfall

Lianyun Waterfall

Longgong Waterfall

Niaopu Waterfall

Qingren Waterfall

Qingrengu Waterfall and Shimenggu

Ruili to Fenqihu Hike

Sanlong Waterfall

Shipangu Waterfall

Swallow’s Cliff Hike (and Waterfall)

Tianma Waterfall

Tianyun Waterfall

Yuantan Waterfalls (圓潭瀑布)

Yuntan Waterfall (雲潭瀑布)

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