Ulu Temburong National Park

Our guide Nazri talks with a researcher

Ulu Temburong is a researcher’s dream.  It is a largely undisturbed old growth forest in Borneo.  Visitors are only allowed to visit 1% of the park but researchers are allowed into other areas (with permission).  Despite only being able to see 1% the trip to the national park is an excellent experience.  It includes a long boat ride up the river, a short hike (up stairs) and a canopy skywalk with great views.  There is also a chance to see several animals but it is different from other areas in Borneo (like Kinabatangan for example).  Some areas have been clearcut or turned into plantations except for a narrow corridor where tourists travel.  At Ulu Temburong the animals are spread out all over the park and sightings are rarer.

Rating and length – moderate (a lot of stairs) and 2.5 km round trip

How to get there – You must go on a guided tour to visit Ulu Temburong.  It will take less than an hour to get to the national park by long boat.  It’s kind of like a motored long flatbottomed canoe.  I used Borneo Guide and stayed at Sumbiling Eco Village north of the park.  Other guide companies do daytrips from Bandar Seri Begawan or include overnight lodging at the Ulu Ulu Resort within the park.

The hike – It’s a 1km hike straight up wooden stairs to reach the skywalk.  There are 4 rest pavilions to take a break at on the way up.  After that you climb a dozens of layers of scaffolding to reach the canopy skywalk.  There are 5 scaffolding towers that take you progressively higher above the canopy.

Cost – Several guiding companies offer daytrips for around 100USD but I highly recommend an overnight tour.  You can stay in the basic (but beautiful) Sumbiling Eco Village or spend more and stay at Ulu Ulu Resort within the national park.  There might be other great overnight options but both of these would add a lot to your visit.

GPS – N4.552129 E115.159791

Resources – Ulu Ulu ResortBorneo Guidemy complete photoblog

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