Waterfall guide links

Great Waterfall Sites from around the world (comment if you like a different one)


Snail Works Malaysia Waterfall Quest (with guide to 100+ waterfalls)

Southeast Asia (mostly Thailand)

Lakas Ng Trip (Philippines)

North America

Aaron’s Waterfall World (WA)

Great Lakes Waterfalls and Beyond

Kentucky’s Waterfalls

Michigan Falls (Phil Stagg)

Northwest Waterfall Survey – WA/OR/ID

New England Waterfalls

North Carolina Waterfalls

North Carolina Waterfalls (Kevin Adams)

The Waterfall Record (concentrated in the US but includes several other countries)


European Waterfalls

Germany Waterfall Guide

Switzerland Waterfall Website

Waterfalls of Finland

World of Waterfalls – various regions covered all over the globe

World Waterfall Database

Here are some useful Taiwan photography and outdoor links.

Followxiaofei.com (Asher’s site)

Camping in Taiwan

Taiwan Adventures Online Guide

The World Is Not That Big – my personal website

Wild About Waterfalls (Richard Saunders)

6 Replies to “Waterfall guide links”

  1. Hey! I absolutely love your site. You’ve done a great job and as a result of your hard work, we have enjoyed a lot of the falls in Southern Taiwan. Many thanks for sharing your resources.

    1. It looks like I don’t have an email subscription to the blog setup. The follow button can work for some but I should add an email subscription. Thanks for letting me know that it is missing.

  2. Hi Kabeiserk, first, thanks a lot for all these awesome spots and for the informations you provide about ! =)
    BTW, i would like to escape the city and … actually, people ^^ do you know a hike not to easy, to reach a waterfall where i can spend a peacefull wkn ? ^^ i don’t have any equipment like hook, rope and so on but i’ve been in Jade mountain and the old aboriginal village in Pingtung if you need and idea of my hiking level so i’m okey to walk a lot ^^


    1. Yunlong Waterfall on the Batongguan Trail is one of the best imo. There will be a few people but not too many. And if there are too many you can walk 2 more km to Yinu Waterfall and there will be nobody.

      1. THANK YOU for your so fast reply !
        And i don’t know the name of this waterfall, but i found one near the old aboriginal village in Pingtung … but you need a guid if it’s your first time reaching this tribe.
        This waterfall, you can be sure to be the only one ! I spent all the spring break in these 2 waterfalls … naked because there were nobody and because i didn’t had swimwear ^^
        ANW, if you go there, try to bring something for the aboriginal couple (yes, only one couple lives there) because they are AWESOME and they might host you like they did for me. Otherwise, free camp if totally suitable 😉

        I will let you know about Yunlung place =)

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