Taiwan’s Waterfalls started as a small project in 2011 and since then I have visited over 100 waterfalls in Taiwan. In addition to waterfalls I am adding all of the hikes and cool sites all over Taiwan. My goal is to visit all of the easy (no special skills or equipment) waterfalls on the island this year. That won’t be the end though. There is always another waterfall to find.

I am also expanding my project across East Asia and am planning 3-5 trips each year. I have visited Malaysian Borneo, Bali and North Sumatra and I plan to visit The Philippines (Cebu), Lombok and Myanmar in the next year.

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In addition to this guide I also write for my personal blog that includes waterfall compilations and expanded photoblogs of my favorite places. Visit The World Is Not That Big for more photos of Taiwan and my other travels.

Lover’s Gorge Waterfall

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful guide to Taiwan’s waterfalls. I noticed you have not yet been to the Yuemeikeng Waterfall (also known as Richard Saunders’ “secret waterfall”). I will organize a group hike there as soon as Spring hits (beginning of March probably). If you would like to join, just drop a line in my email.



    1. Thanks. I plan on visiting Yuemeikeng sometime but it’s pretty inconvenient and expensive as a day trip from Kaohsiung. And March is going to be pretty busy. I still have at least 20 waterfalls on my to do list in Northern Taiwan because of this but I think next fall I will be able to do some touring in Taiwan and get to most of them. Thanks for the offer.

  2. You have quite an impressive collection of shots here in Taiwan. I’m just getting started with my waterfall tour here with my wife and you site is very helpful. Thank you.

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