site updated with 3 new waterfalls, Hehuanshan and my Malaysia trip

Hongye Gorge Waterfall was my favorite of the 3 new waterfalls that I hiked to on the north side of Yangmingshan.  I have wanted to visit these for awhile but I took advantage of April’s four day weekend to take a trip to Taipei.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was along on two of the hikes instead of encountering a large holiday crowd.  I visited Qingshan Waterfall with a group of Taipei Hikers and I hiked to Yangmingshan’s tallest waterfall – Alibang.  Qingshan is a popular hike near Laomei but Alibang is a great hike that provides access to Yangmingshan’s second tallest mountain Zhuzishan.

Thanks to a fellow Taipei Hiker I was aware that we were very close to this cool rock formation.  Laomei Reef only blooms (algae) for 2-3 months every year and April and May are the best times to visit.  You also have to check the tidal tables to make sure that it isn’t underwater.

As of right now all of the sites written about have been added to the map (I hope…).  The map is a little less convenient for those searching Taiwan’s waterfalls but I’m hoping to add several more countries to the map in the next two years.  I already have tickets booked to Bali for one week in June.  I am a little impulsive on making plans but the following are among my next Asian destinations:  Japan, Thailand, the Philippines or return trips to Bali/Lombok and Malaysian Borneo.  Two other destinations that I must visit are China (Yunnan and Sichuan) and Burma but I haven’t added them to possible trips yet for various reasons.  And I have left out Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos which are also great.

The immediate plans for the spring don’t involve waterfalls but 4 big hikes in the next 3 weeks.  Dadi Gorge is a fascinating gorge that can only be accessed in March and April when the reservoir is at its lowest.  Despite being close to Beidawushan I am finally hiking it in two weeks.  I don’t feel ready but I will just go slow.  I will also be re-hiking the Chufengbi coastal trail (not really a trail) and the Alanyi coastal trail near Kending.  After that I will probably spend most of May relaxing while the seasonal Plum Rains fill up the waterfalls and more importantly our reservoirs.

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