new waterfalls, new maps and new countries

For over two years I have been meaning to go out to Majia in Pingtung County and look for Shalawan Waterfall.  I finally went out there last weekend and found a lot more than what I was expecting.  Shalawan itself is a great waterfall but there more (and bigger) waterfalls upstream, downstream and in a side stream.  They are extremely difficult (or impossible) to access but I know they are there.  There is also an intact aboriginal slate village that you might be able to overnight at.  It’s a tough 1 hour drive from Sandimen but the hike is short to Shalawan Waterfall.

Directions to Shalawan Waterfall link

My personal blog about Shalawan Waterfall

I have started adding the 7 waterfalls that I visited in Malaysian Borneo during Chinese New Year along with my other favorite hikes from the trip to the Taiwan Waterfalls website.  For now all of the different Asian countries will be added to this site to make things easier for me.  This is Latak Waterfall in Lambir Hills National Park.  It was one of six small but beautiful waterfalls in the park.  I was able to visit 3 of them on a day of hard, hot hiking.

My next Asian adventure will probably be a trip to Bali, Indonesia in June on Air Asia’s new cheap direct flight from Taipei.  Bali is much smaller than Taiwan but there are a lot of waterfalls, hiking and other great places to explore outside of the main tourist areas.  And that is not even including Lombok which is likely even better.

I’m also adding all of my new hikes and favorite campsites to the waterfall guide.  I am not planning on adding the last 5 years of hikes because I don’t have good information, maps or GPS data but the new hikes will be added.  I might start adding locations and names of old hikes with blog links for more info on how to get there.  This is from a January hike to Qiweishan in Qishan, Kaohsiung.

Maps are another new addition to the website.  There is a learning curve though.  Usually the labels are large enough but this map for Lambir Hills, Malaysia covered a larger area and the labels are unreadable.  These won’t be added for older waterfall hikes (before last November) because I don’t have the data but they will be done for future hikes.

The elevation profiles are not consistent yet.  Initially all hikes regardless of whether they were flat or not looked like incredibly steep hikes because the program chooses X and Y scales based on the data.  Now I am choosing the scale and have typically picked 5km length and 500 meter elevation gain, 10 km/1000m and 20 km/2000m so that the profiles are comparable.  As you can see I didn’t even follow that in my latest profile to Lambir Hills although I probably won’t change it.  My first profiles should be changed though.

This is an example of what I am talking about.  This hike to Yulan Waterfall is basically flat and easy but it looks like an exhausting uphill hike.  There is a lot of new info being added to the site in addition to new hikes but I still need to find the best way to do some things.

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