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Overall it was a very successful year for the waterfall guide.  I visited about 20-25 waterfalls and met some great hiking companions in the Taipei Hikers FB group as well as many others.  Next year I’m hoping for at least 27 more waterfalls (totaling 100), 15-20 great hiking trails and 10-15 more waterfalls in other Asian countries.  This might be a little ambitious but it should motivate me not to waste weekends.  One thing holding me back right now is that Taiwan is in the midst of one of its biggest droughts and most of the waterfalls in the southern half of the country are dry (or nearly dry).  That won’t change until May so I will focus on exploring some of the southern Taiwan hiking trails this winter.

My personal blog – – will still be used for trip reports like I have in the past.  The waterfall blog will be used for any new updates (waterfall directions), changes to the blog, as well as links to recent trip reports on my personal blog.  I have also added a facebook page for the waterfall guide where I will post new blog entries and other relevant stuff.  It should be linked at the side of this blog.

There have been a few changes to the site recently.  The biggest is that I have finally added (in October) a working map guide with all of the waterfalls linked.  I also have started adding my favorite campsites and hiking trails (without waterfalls) to the guide.  I’m not sure how many previous hikes and campsites that I will add but going forward all hikes will be added to the guide.  I have started with a couple of recent hikes and campsites.  The problem with retroactively adding old hikes and camps to the site is that I didn’t collect detailed directions, GPS points or even hike distances/times.  Here is the new map with 73 waterfalls, 2 hikes and 2 campsites marked.

The waterfall guide will be expanding to the rest of Asia this year.   I have a full time job so it will be a slow process visiting other countries but I’m hoping for 2-3 one or two week trips each year.  The first trip will be to Malaysian Borneo during Chinese New Year (end of February).  I haven’t set an itinerary yet but I have been busy reading blogs and tagging different waterfalls that I might visit.  Perhaps I will even stop into Brunei ($$$$) for a daytrip.  In March there’s a chance I can take a trip to the Philippines but I’m not sure about my schedule yet.  I’m also hoping for a one week trip in the fall (maybe Japan) but that is way too far away to plan for now.  So many waterfalls to visit and trips to plan.

Other plans for the year are blogging a top 20 waterfalls to do’ list, a top ten waterfalls (based on size and popularity), my 20 favorite waterfalls  (after I have visited most of the To Do list) and making hiking videos of the places that I visit.  Additionally I have been taking GPS trail info and hope to start adding maps with contours and waypoints to the waterfall guide.

Yuemeikang Waterfall from my latest trip (over 1 month ago)

Yuemeikang Waterfall Guide


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