Waterfall guide


Chaiyi County

Hsinchu County

Hualien County

Kaohsiung City

Miaoli County

Nantou County

New Taipei City

Pingtung County

Taichung County

Tainan County

Taipei City

Taitung County

Taoyuan County

Yilan County

Yunlin County

Other countries






3 comments on “Waterfall guide

  1. Hi!!! Just want to congratulate you on a wonderful site! I have been working on a book loosely based around waterfalls in Taiwan over the last couple of years, and if all goes very well it could possibly be published early next year. However, after Typhoon Morakot’s devestation I concentrated on the northern half, and I will commence working on “part 2” (south and east back up to Yilan) when we get back to Taiwan hopefully in the course of next year. The reason for my message is 1) will it be okay if I leave a comment here and there on your website? and 2) I’d be more than happy to send you some info about more waterfalls in the northwestern part (Chiayi and up) – there are a few hidden gems! Please contact me on (edited) when you can, and feel free to delete this message once you’ve seen it. Best regards and keep it up, it’s great! – Christian Kapp, previously from Miaoli, TW but currently on sabbatical in Cape Town, South Africa

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